Group of company «Signal»

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Gas equipment
Sales development
Kondrashov Vladislav
Head of sales department

phone: +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3116
mobile: +7-927-625-25-12
Atyasov Sergej
Head sales bureau of gas equipment
(Domestic gas meters, gas pressure regulator)
phone: +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3103
mobile: +7-927-139-97-78
Makarov Stanislav
Head development bureau of sales department of gas equipment
(Gas pressure regulator and Gas cabinets)

phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3135
mobile: +7-927-139-97-72
Krasnova Darjya
Manager for contract work

phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3142
mobile: +7-937-253-72-14
Domestic gas meters and gas burners
Gajvoronskaya Elena
Sales manager

phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3106
mobile: +7-937-253-68-55
Mohnachev Alexandr
Lead manager of sales development
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3114
mobile: +7-937-258-12-53
Industrial equipment
Kuznecov Denis
Sales manager

Industrial meters
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3104
mobile: 8-937-253-72-76
Titov Nikolaj
Lead manager of sales development
(industrial meters)
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3137
mobile: +7-927-158-62-40
Gas regulating equipment
Korolev Pavel
Sales manager
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3136
mobile: +7-937-253-69-49
Obycheva Diana
Lead manager of sales
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3138
mobile: +7-937-267-55-00

Sales in the CIS and Foreign countries
Tsatsulina Elena
Manager of foreign economic activity

(Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan)
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3134
mobile: +7-937-229-39-05
Lajs Oleg
Lead Manager of sales development of foreign economic activity
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3139
mobile: +7-927-118-48-92
Pressure transducers
Fedosova Nataljya
Sales manager
(МТ 100, Sapfir, Primary transducers)
phone:. +7(8453) 75-37-13
Sales development
Yaroslavcev Andrej
Marketing Manager

phone:. +7(8453) 75-37-16
Aerospace equipment
Galstyan Vardan
Head of shipping department and sales special instruments
phone:. +7(8453) 75-04-55
Avrov Sergej
Head of marketing instrument products
phone:. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 620



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