Setting of parameters
Input password system

Programming (changing the configuration of the device) using the keyboard or service program is performed after setting the switch mode to "ON" and entering a password of 5 digits.

The switch mode is located on the electronic board of the converted volume calculator. It is possible to access to the switch after opening the seals on the cover of Measuring and Calculating Block and seals on the switch of operating modes.

When moving the switch to the "1" position, the configuration of the complex can not be changed, only data viewing and reading of the archives are possible.

Name of parametes that could be changed

Switch position

Contractual hour

«ON» or «1» only with password input

Setting of real date and time

Density of gas at normal conditions

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen content

Atmosphere pressure

Company name

Free access

Display time

ATTENTION! The device is supplied with a switch mode set to "ON" position and without set password.

All data entered during programming must be necessarily agreed between consumer and supplier.

If the password is lost, the gas supplier should contact with manufacturer and request the password and indicate the device number.

The manufacturer's password can only be used once on a single device with a specific number.