Gas measuring complex “ULTRAMAG”
Service support

Service companies have to contact with representatives of EPO "Signal" in order to receive service packages for servicing gas measuring complex "ULTRAMAG".

Services and specialists of technical support and repair::

Technical support
Tel. +7(8453) 55-02-97
Kondrashov Vladislav Anatolievich:
Tel. +7(8453) 76-11-11, ext. 3116
mob. +7-927-625-25-12

Pruсkov Alexander Alexandrovich:
Tel. +7(8453) 75-04-85

Gunko Leonid Semenovich
Tel. +7(8453) 75-04-85

Service of repairs
Ruban Sergey Vladimirovich, the head of the service "Service BE-05" (department No. 30):
Tel. +7-927-621-76-51
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